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Multimedia language courses online

Learn foreign languages ​​in a practical, targeted and fast manner. Whether for beginners, advanced learners or the vocabulary for the vacation trip new, the multimedia online language courses are all based on the new superlearning technology. This will help you to effectively improve your level of training.

The varied learning methods guarantee a lot of learning fun and success and you are motivated to learn a little further every day!

  • Learning a foreign language for beginners A1 + A2
  • Learning a foreign language for advanced learners B1 + B2
  • Learning a foreign language for business people B2 / C2
  • Foreign language for the journey A1 Video language courses for children
  • All language courses are available for PC, smartphone and tablet (MacOS, Android, Windows, Linux)
  • Audio vocabulary trainer including many scientifically based tips for effectively learning a foreign language

The following applies to all language courses:

Language of instruction = English

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